Smashed Art Mosaics by Billie Klegraefe


BillieI’ve always enjoyed being creative and have explored many different mediums.  After wanting to try mosaics for a long time, several years ago I finally did and there was no turning back for me.  I love everything about making mosaics from the whisper of an idea to finally wiping away the grout haze to reveal the finished project. 

I love the limitless possibilities that mosaics present, from materials, colors, textures, shapes, sizes and techniques to substrates which can be functional or strictly decorative, two or three dimensional. 

I literally see the world differently since I discovered mosaics.  For example, a discarded table now just begs to have bits & pieces attached and a broken dish or car window now represents a new texture to work with.  Recycling old items into new works of art is a wonderful and rewarding feeling.

My inspiration comes from many sources but always starts with an image in my mind that incubates for a time before becoming an actual piece.  Sometimes the idea determines the materials and other times the material sparks the idea.  Either way, it is exhilarating for me to have a piece be ever evolving throughout the creative process.  I very much enjoy doing commission work where I can take an idea, theme or feeling that the client expresses and turn it into a unique piece of art.  Each new piece is a challenge and a learning experience for me and that is what keeps me going back for more. 



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